What type of services do you provide?
Interglobal is a custom new home builder, remodeler and home renovator. We hold current licenses in both new home building and home improvement. While our core base of clients has been based primarily through Monmouth and Ocean Counties and along the presitigious Jersey Shore communities, have recently expanded our services to include Northern and Southern New Jersey and New York.

How is your company set up?
Interglobal is comprised of an executive team of core industry professionals. We have our own in-house project managers, supervisors and estimators. We also have an office team that manages all operations and accounting. Every single one of us is available readily to assist our clients throughout their home project and beyond. And, we have incredible relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors are therefore able to provide the best pricing in the industry.

Can you provide references?
Most of Interglobal’s success comes from a core client base of referrals and we hope to continue this tradition. We are more than happy to provide references upon request and are many times able to let a potential client walk through one of our actual homes in order to get a feel for the exceptional quality of construction, materials and finishes.

Are you insured?
Interglobal is fully insured up to a $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 per year. We are fully compliant under Workers Compensation regulations and all local municipalities. A certificate of insurance can be provided upon request.

What about the local town and permits?
Interglobal is in good standing with all municipalities. We will procure all permits and approvals needed for the job. These are all billed at cost to our clients as a courtesy.

Has your work been recognized?
Yes, our homes have been featured in many local and national news publications. One of our custom homes also featured as a cover story in the December 2011 New York Spaces Magazine. We are also actively involved in our clients’ charitable events and are supporter of both charitable and local organizations.

What is your typical new home, remodeling or renovation process?
Once we receive a set of plans from the client’s chosen architect, we then work closely with our executive team to bid out, price and ultimately offer our most competitively priced, fully comprehensive proposal. This proposal outlines the details of the work to be performed, as well as all terms and conditions. We remain in close contact with the architect and client at this time. Once we are awarded the client’s business, the owner, project manager and office staff work closely with all parties throughout the entire process to make it as enjoyable as possible. Our recognition in the industry is that we carry the home-building process to a new level, building relationships with our clients, architects and suppliers that far exceed the industry standard.

How will I know when my home will be ready?
Interglobal provides each client with an easy to read contract that encompasses the scope of work, payment terms and completion dates. Any changes made by the client to the contract are written up for client inspection and approval and are attached to our main contract. If any of these amendments to the main contract cause a change in scheule, this is clearly explained to the client and their review and approval is necessary. Our goal is to make the home process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

How do I begin the process?
Contact us to discuss your project and we will go over your wants and needs and answer any questions. You may have an architect or we can suggest one to fit your needs. Then, we can meet in person and discuss in more detail your wants and needs to ultimately create the home of your dreams.

Interglobal builds more than homes. We build relationships and want to keep our clients for life. Call us today.